Monday, July 29, 2013

Influenster Glamour Look by Mary Kay Vox Box

How would you have felt having received the following?

Absolutely beautiful, no?
It included the following:
1 True Dimensions lipstick in Pink Cherie
1 Cream eye color in Violet Storm
1 Lash Love Lengthening Mascara in "I <3 Black"
1 Lash Primer
1 Creme Eyecolor/Concealer Brush
approx $75.00 worth of products. 

Influenster does it again with one awesome package! I was uber excited. The only thing having prevented me from posting right away or sooner has been for 2 reasons: I wanted to make sure I've used all the items for a good enough time; and I've also been traveling ALOT. 

However, lets get on to the photos and reviews! 

1. Lash Love Lengthening Mascara ($15)
This is a perfect defining and lengthening mascara. I have always been pleasantly surprised with MKs mascaras possibly because they are pretty under the radar compared to higher end brands. (That can cost abt the same really.) I think this is great to lengthen and define. Not too much volume right away but it is build able. After 3 coats I had great color and build. A winner! 

2. Cream Eye Color ($14)
A wonderful long lasting cream eye color. Far surpasses Maybelline color tattoos and any drugstore cream shadow I've tried. But it should considering the unbelievably high price tag. It better deliver! and it does! It dried quickly and stays put and does not crease all day. 
If the price were affordable it would have an A+!

3. Creme Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10)
I did not notice anything special about this brush compared to others similar. It got the job done. 

4. Lash Primer ($15)
This primer does the job of creating more volume to your lashes and keeps mascara from flaking or budging. It deserves an A for this. On the other hand, I do have to mention that the MK mascara Lash Love (and Ultimate Mascara for that matter) are absolutely just fine on their own. I really don't feel it necessary. I'd rather buy a second mascara then a primer. 

5. True Dimensions Lipstick ($18)

This is decent. This is what I can't ignore: frostiness. Never a favorite with me. It gets in lines when the moisture fades and dries. It is not long lasting. It smells like old makeup. After years of Mary Kay lipsticks if anything I thought they would improve on smell. It just smells strongly of old lipstick. Lastly, the color is not a universally flattering color. The pink was too bright for my olive gold skin tone. What I do appreciate: the packaging. Sleek and Cool!

Here are some photos to enjoy!

I was sent this VoxBox by Influenster for free to try the items and review!

Thank you, Influenster! Loved my box!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bzzagent Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Oil Free BB Cream

I have to say that I tried the first version of Garnier's BB cream and while I loved the way is covered I broke out almost immediately. I was now especially looking forward to trying the latest oil free version.

It is supposed to be minimize pores and shine, and give a smooth flawless finish.

My experience:

See below for package received and med-tan shade. It matched my skin a bit too rich but the redness seemed to blend out if I didn't apply too much.

For $12.99 you sure receive ALOT of product. If you love it, you will appreciate this.
The tube is easy to use, but because the product pours out so quickly it is easy to waste and make a mess. You don't need much for your face. A little goes a long way but just the slightest squeeze on the bottle will give you a huge dollop. So be careful with this. It can get messy.

See the 3rd photo below for how messy the tube got after 2nd opening.

I noticed much improvement with the unevenness in my face. It did great in that aspect. It covered spots fairly well. However, it did not make any dramatic difference to my pores. They are plain as day. A person with good to fairly good uneven skin will enjoy this. If you have large pores and a lot of acne, you will still need additional products to cover these problem areas, such as a pore primer and/or concealer. I have not noticed the product causing specific breakouts. It lasts all day and eliminated shine for me.

See last 4 photos for these details:
Chin before: spotty and uneven skin tone
Chin after: improvement
Cheek before: big pores and uneven skin tone
Cheek after: big pores but even skin tone

Because I prefer more coverage I have to rate this: B+

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. 
I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

Monday, October 15, 2012

BzzAgent Review: Glad Expressions Collections Campaign

What a refreshingly pleasant campaign from!

It arrived with coupons to pick up 2 free "starter kits" & coupons for friends and family.

The first free item was a Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser. The second was the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist.  I selected the Lavender & Juniper Berry for the diffuser and the Cotton & Italian Mandarin Fragrance Mist. Both smelled absolutely wonderful.

Easy Assembly!

The items looked great. In my living room the diffuser did not create a distraction. It was pretty, But we do have to say we prefer our regular oil plug-ins to the diffuser. Perhaps my space was too open, but the diffuser smelled great for about a week, then softened the next week to virtually no smell at all. We were having company so we went to buy our plug-ins again and a refill for our recent Glade Sense & Spray purchase. The diffuser was a great idea, but it doesn't work as hard as our plug-ins do.
In the bathroom, the mist was pretty regular and is getting a lot of use! We use the Sense & Spray in the bathroom. Friends say it frightens them a bit, though, each time they come by and get a spray. LOL. We used the mist as a back up spray for anything stronger than normal for company. :D The smell does make me want to spray it over beds and fabric. I adore the fresh scent. It's also pretty cute once you remove the outside plastic cover.

Glade Expressions Diffuser in Lavendar & Juniper Berry
Rating: C, I think I expected better from Glade. 
No matter what it looks like, if it promises to last 30 days, 
I would love it to last at least 1/2 that time.

Glade Expressions Mist in Cotton & Italian Mandarin
Rating: As always, it's a standard keeper 

~ ***~

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. 
I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

To find out more about the latest Glade Expressions Collection click HEEAH 
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Monday, June 18, 2012

BzzAgent Review: Gucci Flora Garden Collection Campaign

This was one of the most beautiful campaigns I have ever been a part of as a bzzagent. The Gucci box, the tiny perfumes themselves, the tissue paper and little bow. It was all in the details. It was a beautiful package!

This is what I received!

It came with 3 different perfumes that suit each other nicely.  They are small in size but ample enough product to try. It came with samples of each to distribute which I did right away to family and friends. One of my pictures actually got 2 friends to sign up with Bzzagent! 1 qualified for this campaign and also received it! She was very happy. :)

They are: Gracious Tuberose, Glamorous Magnolia, Gorgeous Gardenia.
Gracious Tuberose I could picture my very grandmother wearing when she was alive. It is subtle but elegant. She always stood up straight and painted her nails, even if they were clear. I remember sitting beside her and rubbing them to feel the polish.  When I smelled Gracious Tuberose it sent me back and reminded me of her.  She was definitely gracious. I would have gifted her this if she were still alive.

Back to the other two:  Where Gorgeous Gardenia is an outside brunch get together, Glamourous Magnolia is a fancy outside dinner party.

I go back in forth between the two last ones. They are both very lovely. I can't choose a favorite but I do lean towards Glamourous Magnolia more I think.  Some may feel that they are scents for an older woman, perhaps in their 40s or more. They are very floral and a bit musky. I noticed online they have a Generous Violet Scent. Something tells me that one would have been right up my alley!

They did not last all day on me. I experienced them to have a short life span. :) The packaging of these perfumes is elegant and classy. This would make a perfect gift for that special woman in your life.

Rating: A neat combo of elegant floral scents. - the lasting Power.

~ ***~

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. 
I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox 2012

I was SUPER EXCITED to receive this absolutely free from to test and review! Many items I was already very curious about, and it made it so much more exciting to find them in the package as I opened it.

After trying out these products, here is how I felt about them:

Sheer Coverage in Medium/Tan:
I have always wanted to try this. The color was PERFECT. It performs very well, but wears down by the end of the day. You will need to reapply.
Rating: B -havin skins everywhere will love this. Others may not.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash:
What's not to like about this? It does everything it says. I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate at all. Good scent.
Rating: A good overall body wash.

Chapstick LipShield 365
Great SPF and very very moisturizing. I wear it every day. It does not leave my lips dry like other lip balms tend to do. and the scent is lemon cream or something of the sort.
Rating: A delish way to protect your lips.

SoyJoy bar in Blueberry
Healthy but it tastes healthy. It has been compared to Fig Newton cookies. YES it does taste like this a lot. Not to my liking. Fig Newtons are probably better.
Rating: C

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in "Frock Star"
Great idea. However it is not as easy to apply. As I pulled them apart many broke away unevenly and applied on my fingernails unevenly as well. They still looked great but did not last more than a day. I got compliments I just wish they lasted better than normal nail polish! I probably need more practice as well. OH! It did seem to do better on my toes.
Rating: B-

Dr. Scholl's For her Ball of Foot cushions
Beautiful and comfortable. Will not fit all shoes because it may cause snug shoes to fit too tight. I lasted an 8 hour day but by the end my feet were hurting me. Still, my heels lasted me longer!
Rating: A-

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in Moonlight Path
Beautiful Bottle as you will see in the video. The scent was way too strong for me. I have other scents by BBW that I love though. This isn't a deal breaker for me. They are way too popular. Im not sure I could tell a difference between this type of fragrance and the regular body sprays I have. I think my body sprays last longer. This did not last.
Rating: C (for the scent and not lasting. seriously need to change this one.)

Would I purchase any of these?
Hmmm... Sheer cover in a thicker long lasting formula only.
Dr. Sholls Foot cushions for my other heels. I find myself wishing for those when I forget them.
& perhaps the Chapstick. Everything else, I've had better!

But overall a GREAT Influenster package that I was so happy to try.

If you'd like to try Influenster check it out here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

BzzAgent Review: Filippo Berio(R) Olive Oil Campaign

What a great addition to any healthy meal!

I received this kit in the mail.

One FULL bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Plus some $1.00 off coupons!

Okay, here's the deal. Excited for free stuff YESSS. But the taste?
Well I'm not a professional when it comes to Olive Oil and the Variety. Usually, I grab the cheapest I can find since they can be pretty expensive. It's often Great Value from Walmart.

HOWEVER, this added a great taste to my meal. Nothing Bitter. It is 100% natural. Learn how they make the olive oil here.  

They even encourage a mediterranean diet because "People who live in the Mediterranean region in countries like Italy and Greece have the lowest rates of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and have the highest adult life expectancies!" Learn more about that here.

One of the fabulous things about this package was this little guy right here:

It came with measurements to help you sub this olive oil for butter/margarine. I absolutely love this idea. Very helpful. It was the first time I realized I had been pouring waaaaayyy to much Olive Oil in the past. Now it will LAST! I know that I won't feel bad about spending a few more dollars on this olive oil at all. Now that I know how much I should be using it is really worth it. 

The day I received my package I went forth and created a simple meal. That's my thing. I am NO Betty Crocker and if I can find a simple way to eat anything while still being healthy,  I will.
I got this idea from Cassie is a great cook and her recipes are doable!

Here's what I made:

Eggs, Fresh cut Green Beans, Fresh Goat Cheese, and some hot sauce. 
The outcome was great. Hubby and I enjoyed a nice satisfying meal. 
The kit included a recipe for broken spagetti with shrimp. I think I will try that next.

If you'd like another neat way to use extra virgin olive oil, go here
(If you know me, you'll know it will be crafty. :))

Will I continue to use Filippo Berio? YES. For about $7 for a 16 oz thats not bad at all. 

Rating: Authentic + Tasty = Authasty - JK! No Regrets, Go Buy :)

~ ***~

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. 
I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BzzAgent Review: Garnier BB Cream Campaign

My Package:

I was excited to receive this campaign because I had been looking forward to trying this BB cream after all the hype. So much so that I had already been using the Med-Tan version for a few weeks. Not sure if it was to blame, but I broke out very much and the color was too dark. I am olive tan skin tone but not a dark tan. 
As I waited to receive my light-Med version from BzzAgent I stopped using the BB cream and started a stronger acne cleanser. I started clearing up. As soon as the lighter version arrived I apprehensively started using it.
 Lo and Behold! The color was a great match. And it's been weeks and no break out because of this. 

This formula is supposed to get rid of blotchiness, even skin tone, hydrate for 24 hours, and offers sun protection
It come in two different shades. I would recommend that unless you are a dark tan color, to go for the lighter version.

I really appreciate that this product helps me skip numerous steps. I use it as a spf moisturizer, primer, and foundation. I noticed evening of the skin tone as soon as I applied, and it made my cheeks rosy. The formula lasted all day and kept my oily skin from feeling oily! For real. I did not get that oily feeling at the end of my work day. A feat in itself and an extra plus that I hadn't expected. I have not noticed any drastic long term improvements on my skin because of using this product, but I do notice an immediate difference. This is great for those like me who want to see changes NOW. :) 

I went without makeup today and I have not been able to do this for a long time. I still have small white heads, but the skin looks more clear and even that they aren't as noticeable as before. I am not sure if it is because of using this product or my cleanser. When I am able to say that it is because of this product, I'll update this post.

 It is not full coverage. If you have acne, or scarring, you will need to use concealer. Please use concealer. :) 
All in all a great product and pretty affordable too!

Rating: A great shortcut to even skin tone! + it's a Multi-tasker!

~ ***~

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. 
I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

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