Monday, November 28, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Maybelline Baby Lips & Lots of Lashes Campaign

Tell me if this is not the best lookin campaign package that you have seen???! Wow Wow Wow! 
I was ecstatic to receive this from bzzagent as my latest campaign.  It included:

5 different Baby Lips Lip Balms in different colors
5 Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascaras in black
No coupons, but HELLER, no need!
(My friends/family received all the samples and even my own to try!)
This Package gets a A+++ from me!

On to the reviews of the actual products!!

The mascara was to multiply my lashes while the lip balm was to soften my lips to look baby smooth...

Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara

As you can see this new and improved version is so cute. 
The bristles on the applicator tip are a rubber like feel. 

The Good:
Cool Brush
Dries fast, this could go either way
Very Dark Color
10Xs Fuller Lashes! Fo Real!
Made lashes look fake.
Cheap-o Mascara @ walmart or any drug store.

The Bad:
Volume & lift does not last ALL DAY.
Dries Fast, this could go either way
Does not hold a curl.
If you lashes are straight, they will fall.
Clumps to produce Spider like lashes.
Bit Flaky

The Ugly:
Nothing really ew about it. 
Just the clumping bothered me. 
One eye did great each time.
The other (my left - your right) bunched together all the time.


One eye with Mascara; One bare

Here is an extra photo from a friend who tried out the product:
Her ruling was same as mine - did not keep any curl, 
but she did love how it looked when first applied.

Here is a clear pic of the spider like affect of the lashes.
If it's to your liking, then GO GET THIS NOW.
If not, keep on your search!

Grade: It B better than most, + it's cheap!

Now... Introducing the Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balms! 

They have 20Spf which in my book is a BIG OL PLUS. 
They also come in different colors.
in order from top to bottom: peach kiss, pink punch, cherry, quench(clear), peppermint(clear)

Pink Punch! Nice color if it matches your skin tone. Very pink.

Peach Kiss! Nice light color. Bit of shine. May disappear on lips of same tone.

Cherry! Dark pink shade. Looks like a popsicle stain.

The Good:
Apply like a dream.
They all smell great.
Really moisturizing...
Heller! SPF 20!
Cheap at walmart or any drugstore.
Cute presentation.

The Bad:
Not permanently Hydrating
Color balms are more drying
Quench is most moisturizing.
Colors don't match all skin tones.

The Ugly:
Nothing ugly about these "babies." 
They just make me feel a bit like one bc 
they make me complain.
 I want it to leave my lips soft.

OAN: My friends who tried this had mixed feelings. One said hers (Quench)
was super hydrating all day, but that it could be due to the fact that she
reapplied all day long. She loved the feel of it.
Another friend who took Cherry agreed it was drying. She did not like.
And yet a third friend, who took Pink Punch loved the color so much
she accepted the whole pkg without a care for perfect hydration. 
I would continue to use it bc I think the SPF 20 is OH SO WORTH IT!

Grade: Looks like they B just decent enough, + they have SPF 20!

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

To find out more about Maybelline Lots of Lashes mascara click HEEAH 
To find out more about Maybelline Baby Lips Balm click HEEAH
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Burt's Bees® Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin Campaign

BzzAgent sent me this wonderful package of Burt's Bees Items for Sensitive Skin to try. 

It came with the Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser ($10)
Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizer ($15)

It also came packaged with plenty of coupons and samples to hand out to friends, family, and coworkers. I loved giving these out to everyone. 
BzzAgent is NEVER stingy when it comes to samples and coupons. 
I absolutely love that about them. 

With the Sensitive Skin line you are supposed to be able to "Nourish, cleanse and moisturize your sensitive skin without redness or irritation." I see myself as having sensitive skin because no matter what I try it either turns my skin red, stings around my eyes, or dries out the sides of my lips. I have what I like to call sensitive combination skin. Oh, and with a bit of acne thrown in for good measure. 
Sexy, I know!
The formula calls for "cotton extract" which I could totally appreciate. I felt the smoothness of the cleanser like no other. According to "Softening Cotton Extract helps skin replenish its outer layer, shielding it from potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers, so your sensitive skin will look and feel beautiful, naturally."

Here is a pic of how well the cleanser lathered:

My Opinion:
Lather was perfect
Product silkiness was perfect
Cleansed my face very clearly
and left my skin oh so soft.
I felt it sting my nose badly
(it was sore from a cold)
and I still feel a bit of sting 
(cold all gone. nose no longer raw)
It did nothing for my acne
My Pores looked HuMunGO
I tried it in combination with Mario Badescu Drying Creme
and then with Clinique Acne cleanser - No good
Will I purchase: NO
If you have good skin, but sensitive, this just may be PERFECT for you.
If you have acne or you have been rubbing your sniffling nose with tissues all week, I suggest stay away.
Grade: it B just a'ight

The Daily Moisturizer was just as soft and comforting:
My opinion:
Soft and comforting
A little goes a long way

BUT, and it's a BIG BUT,

I do have a bone to pick with companies that go through all the trouble to create such a comforting moisturizer without SPF. I mean, really, As much as we are warned about the dangers of UV rays and the effects it can have on our skin, should not every daily moisturizer come with protection as a default? Otherwise it's just another step when so many other moisturizers already come with it. I feel Burt's Bees dropped the ball on this one. Maybe it didn't combine well with the cotton extract? Somebody please explain! I wanted to just use it at night, but I didn't notice a benefit at all. 
Grade: Now C heeah, you can do bettah than this!

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

To find out more about Burt's Bees Sensitive line click HEEAH (they have some neat ingredients)
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Monday, September 26, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food Campaign

A Difference of Opinion!

I was excited to receive this campaign to try on my two dogs. Especially after I read how "freshly" it was made and how much chicken it contained. It is high quality dog food for sensitive dogs. It seemed more natural & organic than anything else I've probably given my pups. I received tons of coupons and a "free" coupon for a small bag of dog food. It's great size for my smaller sized dogs. I picked out one for sensitive stomachs for my Jack Russell who is known for his sudden purging of any thing other than his current dog food. (yes gross I know) The other is a Yorkshire Terrier, 1 yr 1/2, who is known to swipe just about anything off the ground with no problem. I submitted a video of my yorkie taking after the Bil Jac food like a bullet. He MUCH preferred it over his food and eats it up like it's his treats. I would give 5 stars for him.

My other much more sensitive 6 year old JRT, who I was hoping would benefit from this, had a difference of opinion! Much to my chagrin he ate it only after I removed his regular brand of food. (that does not upset his stomach. the only one I have found!) Needless to say no video was uploaded of him. He threw it up that night and the next morning. After I gave him his regular food he was back to normal. I will try this one more time for him incase other factors were involved and keep you updated on the results!
The Sensitive Solutions Dog Food I picked specifically for Sensitive JRT. Maybe I should have just bought the regular.
To learn more about what first sold me on this dog food, check out the website here.

UPDATE: 10/17/11 - My JRT was given this and only this another day. He lived to throw it up again. Much of which I found and had to clean out of the carpet in my bedroom. NOT cool. I guess it didn't fly for us. Meanwhile I have given it to family that has a Maltese and she is completely fine. No problems prior or now.  I recommend not giving it to your dog if he is highly sensitive and if you would like to, buy the regular kind. That one my do the trick.

(I received this free of charge from to try, spread the word, and review honestly. If you'd like more info go to

Thursday, August 25, 2011

BzzAgent Review: The Domino Project from Seth Godin

I have been totally remiss of this campaign because quiet frankly what I thought would interest me to read, I can not find the time to read. "Go out and get it!" "Just do it!" "Take the initiative!" "Step right up and claim your life!" Wonderful concepts. I agree wholeheartedly. I just can't find the time to read hundreds of pages whose goal it is to pump you up. Love the idea. It's just hard for me to stick with it. I've started a few books never to get past the 10th page. I have good intentions! I need a book to inspire me to read inspirational ebooks! Ah, hopeless?

What about you?

To Learn about the Domino Project (which includes receiving a new ebook every month to read on your kindle through amazon) check out:

BzzAgent Review: Dr. Scholl's For her High Heel Insoles

I joined the Dr Scholl's High Heel Insoles Campaign. I thought these would be perfect since I wear heels AT LEAST 2 xs a week. 3 xs out of the year I wear them from 1-3 days in succession for 8 hours straight. I wont get the chance to test these for a 3 day in succession in time to review this but I was able to test them for 3 hours at least twice. 

Comfortable and Supportive
Clear in color

Expensive to get a few ($7-9 ea)

If they came 2 to a pack
OR the slipped in and out of diff heels
If they were a Bit Thinner

I am not sure if it would make a difference in the support that it gives your arch, your heel, and the balls of your feet if it were a bit thinner. This was important to me because I usually already wear my high heels pretty snug so they do not slip off my ankle as I walk. (I like my heels high) Because of this, wearing the insoles made a few of my heels way too tight. I could not use them. For my loose heels, the thickness brought my ankle up higher. Not exactly ideal either. Another aspect that I did not like was that I have a variety of heels. I do not use the same pair of heels for all outfits. Because the insoles stick to the bottom of your shoe, you can not remove them and insert them in other heels. They are to be used in one pair of heels only. Bummer. Now I have to find heels that fit a bit loosely but my foot is pretty low in the shoe. I also have to find the pair of heels I wear the most. Of course I could buy more. But lets see, I have more than 5 pairs of heels. So, atleast $50 is what we are talking about here. Comfort may be well worth the price for you. I'm on a budget. :)
The good is that they are comfortable. Especially for the summer I could see how you would pair them with strappy sandles. They are clear, and I have a uncomfy pair of sandals that are begging for these insoles. 

Would I buy the product? Most definitely. Despite the cons, they are the most comfortable I have tried to date. Remember those uncomfortable pair of sandals? Plus, my bzz kit came with a coupon! YESS! Thank you Bzzagent!

A Sample of this product was provided By Bzzagent for my review. I did not buy it. If you would like information on how to become a Bzzagent please go to: Best decision I ever made!

Friday, April 8, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Smart Easy Spring Cleaning SC Johnson - Products!

Hi! Wow this month has flown by so quickly. I wanted to do a brief overview of the items I've tried that came free as a bzzagent!


1. Glade Plugin Scented Oil in Crisp Waters.
Wow! I will definitely be buying this again. I put this in back in about a month ago and it is still going strong. A family member is sensitive to strong smells and she even commented that she liked it. Every time I am gone a few days and come home I love coming into this fresh clean scent. It's 100% lovely!  I'm just using 1 and I have a 3 bedroom home. It smells great in almost all the house.  Will Definitely Repurchase!

2. Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer.
I love how this really sticks to the tub. Love it! This claims to work for 4 days... Ummm It definitely did past that. Of course it was a bath for 1. If you have a large family with children 4 days may be it's limit! :)  My tub was noticeably cleaner after using, but I didn't notice that it did a better job at cleaning than other cleaners. I still got the ring after four days of use. This may also be due to the fact that I use some body washes that contain oils. There was shine but I don't know about "Brilliant!" as is noted in the advertisement. It does the job. My silver faucet is still spotty so don't think it will take care of that type of scum. It doesn't. Not sure If I'd repurchase.
Tub Before: 

Tub After:


3. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Kit.
Awesome Awesome Awesome. I truly believe this was an ingenious idea & probably my fave new product to use. The product is in a tube. You click it out once at stick it to your toilet bowl right below the rim. A small gel piece come apart and sticks to your bowl. It's almost been 1 month and I still see some gel left. The advertisement claims it last up to one week, but at about a month I still have not had to clean my TB yet. It's still clean! Since there are six gel discs it will possibly end up lasting me 6 months. That is a win win situation for me. Who likes to clean the TB?? A +. This I will definitely be repurchasing!

4. Glade Candle Jar
I have to admit that I have not had to light this candle as of yet because my Glade scented plug in has been taking care of business. The candle smells great. It is called "Sparkle of Spring." I sit it in our guest bathroom and I can smell it without even lighting it. Am I weird for not lighting it? Probably. But it's cute and matches the decor decently. I will light it for sake of a better review and get back to you!


5. Pledge Lemon Clean Aerosol Spray
I have a lot of wood in my home per my huge entertainment center. I also have leather chairs at the bar. It's nice to be able to start dusting my entertainment center head directly to my leather chairs and keep going. I don't need to stop and change my cleaning product because it cleans almost everything. If I wanted I could end up inside my car wiping down the steering wheel, b/c yes it does that too. Will I repurchase? I have to!

This was a few reviews on products I received free to try & review for This was my honest opinion. I will repurchase definitely 3 things out of 5. Thats a win for me & a win for SC Johnson. They've got a new customer. I need coupons! (But that's another post.)

Til Next Review,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

BzzAgent Campaign: Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning from SC Johnson BzzCampaign pkg

I received this and thought WOW! So much full size product to try. I couldn't wait to give everything a try.

Now I am not naturally a very good sport when it comes time to get down and dirty er, I mean clean,  with my house spring cleaning. I do have to say that when I received the package I became ever so willing to get started then and there!  Plus, I was expecting company in a day so it was PERFECT timing.  

From Blogger Pictures

The package included:
1 4 oz glade plugins scented oil refill in crisp waters
1 20 oz bottle of scrubbing bibbles mega shower foamer
1 scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning kit
1 4 oz glade jar candle
1 pledge lemon clean aerosol spray
coupon book, bzzguide, and letter....
Later, when Friends and Family showed up and I got to show off my pkg. They were impressed. Coupons were passed around and everyone was left wanting to try each product out!

This review is on my pkg - EXCELLENT! I will proceed to review each product over the next few days. Stay tuned!

(I received this free of charge from to try, spread the word, and review honestly. If you'd like more info check out

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mascara Review: Lancome Definicils High Definition

Easy application
Nice thin brush to coat each lash
Awesome length!
Spider like lashes
Great dark color to define
Volume was good but not best
Price is High

Score: 3.75 out of 5

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mascara Review: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash

-Huge and I mean Huge Wand!
-Easy to apply, can be messy if not careful
-5 star lengthening! WOW!
-Coats each lash
-Volume is so so even after 3 coats
-Stand out lashes
-Length makes lashes look fake (it's a good thing. :))
-Combining this with a volumizing mascara would equal perfection
-Left lashes soft
-Holds a high curl all day long!
-Flakes throughout day
-Not cheap

Score: 4 out of 5 for flaking and no volume but lengthening is out of this world.
If you have thick lashes and want some height, this could easily be your fave!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bzz Agent Review: Cell Phone Post Cards

Like to send pics from your phones to friends? How about sending it as a post card to their home address? I always think that nothing beats an actual printed out picture to hold in your hands. with Cell Phone Post Cards you can do just that! Right now they are offering 10 free postcards when you sign up to send from your phone or computer to anyone you want! I just tried it. Easy as Cheese! Seriously. You add your friends address and give them a code name to the website. Go to your phone and choose the picture. You send it as you would picture mail. Then you put the number in your phone (which tells the website to print). You add the message you want to put on the post card. You add the # sign and your friends code name. Then you send your pic! Just like that you get a confirmation text that your picture post card is being sent! I sent one to my sis and to myself because I want to see it. Then I find out they automatically send you a copy of your first three post cards! Oops! 

Later I sent some to my friends as well. 

The Good:
Easy to use from computer or phone.
Fun to send for any occasion
Good glossy finish on cards
10 Free cards! Nothing to lose!
The Bad:
Sometimes the post card came with a part of the picture cut off. (see pic below for text missing)
The computer had it looking perfect, but the finished product was different.
Thats No Good If you can't trust it!
The Ugly:
See above.
Great for pics - You have to be more careful with text placement.

All in all, it's still neat to try, and with everyone doing more from their phone these days, why not?


Turn your cell phone and digital pictures into real postcards and have them sent worldwide. Try 10 postcards totally free at!

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