Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bzz Agent Review: Cell Phone Post Cards

Like to send pics from your phones to friends? How about sending it as a post card to their home address? I always think that nothing beats an actual printed out picture to hold in your hands. with Cell Phone Post Cards you can do just that! Right now they are offering 10 free postcards when you sign up to send from your phone or computer to anyone you want! I just tried it. Easy as Cheese! Seriously. You add your friends address and give them a code name to the website. Go to your phone and choose the picture. You send it as you would picture mail. Then you put the number in your phone (which tells the website to print). You add the message you want to put on the post card. You add the # sign and your friends code name. Then you send your pic! Just like that you get a confirmation text that your picture post card is being sent! I sent one to my sis and to myself because I want to see it. Then I find out they automatically send you a copy of your first three post cards! Oops! 

Later I sent some to my friends as well. 

The Good:
Easy to use from computer or phone.
Fun to send for any occasion
Good glossy finish on cards
10 Free cards! Nothing to lose!
The Bad:
Sometimes the post card came with a part of the picture cut off. (see pic below for text missing)
The computer had it looking perfect, but the finished product was different.
Thats No Good If you can't trust it!
The Ugly:
See above.
Great for pics - You have to be more careful with text placement.

All in all, it's still neat to try, and with everyone doing more from their phone these days, why not?


Turn your cell phone and digital pictures into real postcards and have them sent worldwide. Try 10 postcards totally free at!

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