Friday, April 8, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Smart Easy Spring Cleaning SC Johnson - Products!

Hi! Wow this month has flown by so quickly. I wanted to do a brief overview of the items I've tried that came free as a bzzagent!


1. Glade Plugin Scented Oil in Crisp Waters.
Wow! I will definitely be buying this again. I put this in back in about a month ago and it is still going strong. A family member is sensitive to strong smells and she even commented that she liked it. Every time I am gone a few days and come home I love coming into this fresh clean scent. It's 100% lovely!  I'm just using 1 and I have a 3 bedroom home. It smells great in almost all the house.  Will Definitely Repurchase!

2. Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer.
I love how this really sticks to the tub. Love it! This claims to work for 4 days... Ummm It definitely did past that. Of course it was a bath for 1. If you have a large family with children 4 days may be it's limit! :)  My tub was noticeably cleaner after using, but I didn't notice that it did a better job at cleaning than other cleaners. I still got the ring after four days of use. This may also be due to the fact that I use some body washes that contain oils. There was shine but I don't know about "Brilliant!" as is noted in the advertisement. It does the job. My silver faucet is still spotty so don't think it will take care of that type of scum. It doesn't. Not sure If I'd repurchase.
Tub Before: 

Tub After:


3. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Kit.
Awesome Awesome Awesome. I truly believe this was an ingenious idea & probably my fave new product to use. The product is in a tube. You click it out once at stick it to your toilet bowl right below the rim. A small gel piece come apart and sticks to your bowl. It's almost been 1 month and I still see some gel left. The advertisement claims it last up to one week, but at about a month I still have not had to clean my TB yet. It's still clean! Since there are six gel discs it will possibly end up lasting me 6 months. That is a win win situation for me. Who likes to clean the TB?? A +. This I will definitely be repurchasing!

4. Glade Candle Jar
I have to admit that I have not had to light this candle as of yet because my Glade scented plug in has been taking care of business. The candle smells great. It is called "Sparkle of Spring." I sit it in our guest bathroom and I can smell it without even lighting it. Am I weird for not lighting it? Probably. But it's cute and matches the decor decently. I will light it for sake of a better review and get back to you!


5. Pledge Lemon Clean Aerosol Spray
I have a lot of wood in my home per my huge entertainment center. I also have leather chairs at the bar. It's nice to be able to start dusting my entertainment center head directly to my leather chairs and keep going. I don't need to stop and change my cleaning product because it cleans almost everything. If I wanted I could end up inside my car wiping down the steering wheel, b/c yes it does that too. Will I repurchase? I have to!

This was a few reviews on products I received free to try & review for This was my honest opinion. I will repurchase definitely 3 things out of 5. Thats a win for me & a win for SC Johnson. They've got a new customer. I need coupons! (But that's another post.)

Til Next Review,

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