Thursday, August 25, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Dr. Scholl's For her High Heel Insoles

I joined the Dr Scholl's High Heel Insoles Campaign. I thought these would be perfect since I wear heels AT LEAST 2 xs a week. 3 xs out of the year I wear them from 1-3 days in succession for 8 hours straight. I wont get the chance to test these for a 3 day in succession in time to review this but I was able to test them for 3 hours at least twice. 

Comfortable and Supportive
Clear in color

Expensive to get a few ($7-9 ea)

If they came 2 to a pack
OR the slipped in and out of diff heels
If they were a Bit Thinner

I am not sure if it would make a difference in the support that it gives your arch, your heel, and the balls of your feet if it were a bit thinner. This was important to me because I usually already wear my high heels pretty snug so they do not slip off my ankle as I walk. (I like my heels high) Because of this, wearing the insoles made a few of my heels way too tight. I could not use them. For my loose heels, the thickness brought my ankle up higher. Not exactly ideal either. Another aspect that I did not like was that I have a variety of heels. I do not use the same pair of heels for all outfits. Because the insoles stick to the bottom of your shoe, you can not remove them and insert them in other heels. They are to be used in one pair of heels only. Bummer. Now I have to find heels that fit a bit loosely but my foot is pretty low in the shoe. I also have to find the pair of heels I wear the most. Of course I could buy more. But lets see, I have more than 5 pairs of heels. So, atleast $50 is what we are talking about here. Comfort may be well worth the price for you. I'm on a budget. :)
The good is that they are comfortable. Especially for the summer I could see how you would pair them with strappy sandles. They are clear, and I have a uncomfy pair of sandals that are begging for these insoles. 

Would I buy the product? Most definitely. Despite the cons, they are the most comfortable I have tried to date. Remember those uncomfortable pair of sandals? Plus, my bzz kit came with a coupon! YESS! Thank you Bzzagent!

A Sample of this product was provided By Bzzagent for my review. I did not buy it. If you would like information on how to become a Bzzagent please go to: Best decision I ever made!

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