Monday, September 26, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food Campaign

A Difference of Opinion!

I was excited to receive this campaign to try on my two dogs. Especially after I read how "freshly" it was made and how much chicken it contained. It is high quality dog food for sensitive dogs. It seemed more natural & organic than anything else I've probably given my pups. I received tons of coupons and a "free" coupon for a small bag of dog food. It's great size for my smaller sized dogs. I picked out one for sensitive stomachs for my Jack Russell who is known for his sudden purging of any thing other than his current dog food. (yes gross I know) The other is a Yorkshire Terrier, 1 yr 1/2, who is known to swipe just about anything off the ground with no problem. I submitted a video of my yorkie taking after the Bil Jac food like a bullet. He MUCH preferred it over his food and eats it up like it's his treats. I would give 5 stars for him.

My other much more sensitive 6 year old JRT, who I was hoping would benefit from this, had a difference of opinion! Much to my chagrin he ate it only after I removed his regular brand of food. (that does not upset his stomach. the only one I have found!) Needless to say no video was uploaded of him. He threw it up that night and the next morning. After I gave him his regular food he was back to normal. I will try this one more time for him incase other factors were involved and keep you updated on the results!
The Sensitive Solutions Dog Food I picked specifically for Sensitive JRT. Maybe I should have just bought the regular.
To learn more about what first sold me on this dog food, check out the website here.

UPDATE: 10/17/11 - My JRT was given this and only this another day. He lived to throw it up again. Much of which I found and had to clean out of the carpet in my bedroom. NOT cool. I guess it didn't fly for us. Meanwhile I have given it to family that has a Maltese and she is completely fine. No problems prior or now.  I recommend not giving it to your dog if he is highly sensitive and if you would like to, buy the regular kind. That one my do the trick.

(I received this free of charge from to try, spread the word, and review honestly. If you'd like more info go to