Thursday, October 27, 2011

BzzAgent Review: Burt's Bees® Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin Campaign

BzzAgent sent me this wonderful package of Burt's Bees Items for Sensitive Skin to try. 

It came with the Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser ($10)
Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizer ($15)

It also came packaged with plenty of coupons and samples to hand out to friends, family, and coworkers. I loved giving these out to everyone. 
BzzAgent is NEVER stingy when it comes to samples and coupons. 
I absolutely love that about them. 

With the Sensitive Skin line you are supposed to be able to "Nourish, cleanse and moisturize your sensitive skin without redness or irritation." I see myself as having sensitive skin because no matter what I try it either turns my skin red, stings around my eyes, or dries out the sides of my lips. I have what I like to call sensitive combination skin. Oh, and with a bit of acne thrown in for good measure. 
Sexy, I know!
The formula calls for "cotton extract" which I could totally appreciate. I felt the smoothness of the cleanser like no other. According to "Softening Cotton Extract helps skin replenish its outer layer, shielding it from potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers, so your sensitive skin will look and feel beautiful, naturally."

Here is a pic of how well the cleanser lathered:

My Opinion:
Lather was perfect
Product silkiness was perfect
Cleansed my face very clearly
and left my skin oh so soft.
I felt it sting my nose badly
(it was sore from a cold)
and I still feel a bit of sting 
(cold all gone. nose no longer raw)
It did nothing for my acne
My Pores looked HuMunGO
I tried it in combination with Mario Badescu Drying Creme
and then with Clinique Acne cleanser - No good
Will I purchase: NO
If you have good skin, but sensitive, this just may be PERFECT for you.
If you have acne or you have been rubbing your sniffling nose with tissues all week, I suggest stay away.
Grade: it B just a'ight

The Daily Moisturizer was just as soft and comforting:
My opinion:
Soft and comforting
A little goes a long way

BUT, and it's a BIG BUT,

I do have a bone to pick with companies that go through all the trouble to create such a comforting moisturizer without SPF. I mean, really, As much as we are warned about the dangers of UV rays and the effects it can have on our skin, should not every daily moisturizer come with protection as a default? Otherwise it's just another step when so many other moisturizers already come with it. I feel Burt's Bees dropped the ball on this one. Maybe it didn't combine well with the cotton extract? Somebody please explain! I wanted to just use it at night, but I didn't notice a benefit at all. 
Grade: Now C heeah, you can do bettah than this!

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

To find out more about Burt's Bees Sensitive line click HEEAH (they have some neat ingredients)
To find out more about being a bzzagent check out!

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