Monday, June 18, 2012

BzzAgent Review: Gucci Flora Garden Collection Campaign

This was one of the most beautiful campaigns I have ever been a part of as a bzzagent. The Gucci box, the tiny perfumes themselves, the tissue paper and little bow. It was all in the details. It was a beautiful package!

This is what I received!

It came with 3 different perfumes that suit each other nicely.  They are small in size but ample enough product to try. It came with samples of each to distribute which I did right away to family and friends. One of my pictures actually got 2 friends to sign up with Bzzagent! 1 qualified for this campaign and also received it! She was very happy. :)

They are: Gracious Tuberose, Glamorous Magnolia, Gorgeous Gardenia.
Gracious Tuberose I could picture my very grandmother wearing when she was alive. It is subtle but elegant. She always stood up straight and painted her nails, even if they were clear. I remember sitting beside her and rubbing them to feel the polish.  When I smelled Gracious Tuberose it sent me back and reminded me of her.  She was definitely gracious. I would have gifted her this if she were still alive.

Back to the other two:  Where Gorgeous Gardenia is an outside brunch get together, Glamourous Magnolia is a fancy outside dinner party.

I go back in forth between the two last ones. They are both very lovely. I can't choose a favorite but I do lean towards Glamourous Magnolia more I think.  Some may feel that they are scents for an older woman, perhaps in their 40s or more. They are very floral and a bit musky. I noticed online they have a Generous Violet Scent. Something tells me that one would have been right up my alley!

They did not last all day on me. I experienced them to have a short life span. :) The packaging of these perfumes is elegant and classy. This would make a perfect gift for that special woman in your life.

Rating: A neat combo of elegant floral scents. - the lasting Power.

~ ***~

I love trying out new products & bzzagent always gives me the opportunity. 
I received all items free as a bzzagent and this is my honest opinion! I hope it helps.

To find out more about Gucci's Floral Garden Collection click HEEAH 
To find out more about being a bzzagent check out!

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