Monday, July 29, 2013

Influenster Glamour Look by Mary Kay Vox Box

How would you have felt having received the following?

Absolutely beautiful, no?
It included the following:
1 True Dimensions lipstick in Pink Cherie
1 Cream eye color in Violet Storm
1 Lash Love Lengthening Mascara in "I <3 Black"
1 Lash Primer
1 Creme Eyecolor/Concealer Brush
approx $75.00 worth of products. 

Influenster does it again with one awesome package! I was uber excited. The only thing having prevented me from posting right away or sooner has been for 2 reasons: I wanted to make sure I've used all the items for a good enough time; and I've also been traveling ALOT. 

However, lets get on to the photos and reviews! 

1. Lash Love Lengthening Mascara ($15)
This is a perfect defining and lengthening mascara. I have always been pleasantly surprised with MKs mascaras possibly because they are pretty under the radar compared to higher end brands. (That can cost abt the same really.) I think this is great to lengthen and define. Not too much volume right away but it is build able. After 3 coats I had great color and build. A winner! 

2. Cream Eye Color ($14)
A wonderful long lasting cream eye color. Far surpasses Maybelline color tattoos and any drugstore cream shadow I've tried. But it should considering the unbelievably high price tag. It better deliver! and it does! It dried quickly and stays put and does not crease all day. 
If the price were affordable it would have an A+!

3. Creme Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10)
I did not notice anything special about this brush compared to others similar. It got the job done. 

4. Lash Primer ($15)
This primer does the job of creating more volume to your lashes and keeps mascara from flaking or budging. It deserves an A for this. On the other hand, I do have to mention that the MK mascara Lash Love (and Ultimate Mascara for that matter) are absolutely just fine on their own. I really don't feel it necessary. I'd rather buy a second mascara then a primer. 

5. True Dimensions Lipstick ($18)

This is decent. This is what I can't ignore: frostiness. Never a favorite with me. It gets in lines when the moisture fades and dries. It is not long lasting. It smells like old makeup. After years of Mary Kay lipsticks if anything I thought they would improve on smell. It just smells strongly of old lipstick. Lastly, the color is not a universally flattering color. The pink was too bright for my olive gold skin tone. What I do appreciate: the packaging. Sleek and Cool!

Here are some photos to enjoy!

I was sent this VoxBox by Influenster for free to try the items and review!

Thank you, Influenster! Loved my box!